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Our Appreciated Clients

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We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

I have been playing with your irons now for almost two years, At age 76, I was a 9 handicapper and climbing. Today at 78, I am a solid 6 from the back trees. The additional distance and accuracy that your irons provide has been a positive contribution to my improvement.

I am not normally a letter writer, but i Felt compelled to tell you. Keep up the good work.


I had been using the Ping Zing with the qraphite shaft and there is an unbelievable difference between your clubs and theirs. It is like night and day. Thank you once again and I have now become your spokesman, encouraging everyone to own these clubs.

Very truly_yours,


Bernard Dorn

It was May 1, 1993 when Bob Chorne gave me a new set of his CBI irons to try. He never gotythe set back; as a matter of fact, I asked him to make me a lob wedge to match. Well, the ’93 golf campaign is over and I must tell you I can’t believe these irons. They’ve taken an old Tour Player like myself, who hasn’t really competed much since
becoming a Head Golf Professional and instantly I played very respectable in local P.G.A. events this year. It has raised my hopes and desires to the point, where I can hardly wait to compete in 1994.

These irons feel great! Their balance and weight is perfect. The leading edge sits and aligns so easily.But, best of all, I added 25 yards
to my short irons, 15 yards to my mid irons, and 10 yards to my long irons game. What a difference I noticed in my iron game this year. A lot less mistakes and alot more birdie opportunities.

First of all, I must thank you. Bob for the opportunity to playthe CBI irons. It is the greatest. Secondly, you say you might have a driver for me that might add 20 to 25 yards. Ch Bob, I can hardly wait.
Thanks again.

Your Head Golf Professional, and friend,

Tommy Thomas

inwood, LI,N.Y. 11696

Tommy Thomas

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