Davega uni sink putter

Golf Club Sets in Nassau County, NY

Have you taken a good look at your putter recently? You have that big face stretching up and down to strike that small round ball. There’s wasted weight and material above and below the impact point. There is a better way!

Nassau Golf took that weight—plus more—and moved it back and low to engineered locations. We made the face and sole independent. We moved the sole back well below the face. This creates more immediate roll with a more precise middle “energy impact zone”™. The narrow face structure optimizes the impact point and weighting system, creating a more stable path for the head and ending scuffed putts.

We also added two solid cylinders and tremendous heel and toe weighting on each side rearward of the “impact zone”™ for increased stability. This also extended the alignment guide lines optics for “framing the ball with a visual putting track.” A precisely-milled stainless face and head is completed with a rich dark blue metallic finish.

Davega® Better by Design™ precision engineered products: The most advanced putter in golf! You’ve got to try it! Come to Nassau Golf today for superior golf club sets!