Titanium Cavity Back Wood ™

Golf Club Sets in Nassau County, NY

The Titanium Cavity Back Wood™ has the highest polar moment of inertia. This means that it resists twisting (torque), making it the most stable through impact, projecting the ball longer and more accurately.

Your current woods twist on mis-hits, causing a tremendous loss in distance and accuracy. The redistribution of weight in the Titanium Cavity Back Wood™ gives it the largest sweet-spot and makes it the most forgiving on mis-hits. No other wood in the world can compete with the engineering or performance of the Titanium Cavity Back Wood™.

The Titanium Cavity Back Wood™ is deadly-accurate, consistent, and long. Independently tested as the longest and most accurate driver! Tested by Bob Bush Golf Testing & Research Laboratory. Grow your golf club sets with this addition.

Available in: 9°,10°, 11°, 12°, RH or LH, All Flexes, Men or Ladies.  Available with precision control, uniform consistency™, perfect shaft synchronization™ where every shaft is matched to the head for peak performance.  No wobble technology consistent performance.

You Can’t Beat Our Quality