Golf Equipment

Feel the complete swing from takeaway through impact and follow-through.

Experience the takeaway, left arm extension, shoulder turn, setting club at the top, right elbow down, move back to left side with right elbow coming to body, “Delayed Hit,” right arm extension, left elbow folding, right arm folding, finish of swing. (Opposite for lefties)

Unique mechanism will stop momentarily when any faulty move in the swing is made. This mechanism lets you swing on multi radii and multi planes, which is necessary to make “The Perfect Swing.”

This will train you and allow you to feel the “Delayed Hit.” Now you can experience it! More power, more club head speed, more accuracy and consistency!

Tighten Your Game

Tour Edition® is a precision mechanized machine. Using the Tour Edition® Swing Machine will allow golfers to feel the perfect move. Fully learn the proper swing and enhance and fine-tune your swing, while getting a full fitness workout.

The Tour Edition® Swing Machine is truly amazing for all level of golfers, from beginners to touring professionals. One does not need to be a golfer to gain the full benefits of this machine. The Tour Edition® Swing Machine allows the golfer to feel the entire swing automatically. Once you feel the proper swing, you will improve and become a better player. The PERFECT SWING will be imprinted in your memory.

If your ever in our area, stop in for training or to get a demonstration.