Revolutionary P-WE ™ Putter

Golf Equipment in Nassau County, NY

You have always been taught to keep your head over the ball and make a pendulum stroke. It is one thing to say and another thing to do. It is extremely difficult to make the pendulum move in putting to be a consistent putter. When using two hands, two arms, and two shoulders (many moving parts), it’s difficult to keep square in sequence. When one tests a putter on a machine, the machine is made with one arm for a true pendulum stroke. This is the most accurate way to test putters.

Conforms with USGA Rules

With the P-WE™, you hold it in one hand, bending from the waist and knees with the opposite hand on the knee for support. For example, if you’re right-handed, you would hold it in your right hand, bend at your waist, and place your left hand on your left knee. Right wrist held firm, move club back and forth slowly from your right shoulder. Now you have a perfect pendulum, like a grandfather clock. Your head is automatically in the correct position.

With the pendulum weighting and engineering of the P-WE™ putter, you can now make a much better move through the ball, controlling the line and distance, sinking many more putts.

In life, the closer we are to our work, the more precise we are, no matter what we do. Example: When you write with a pen, where do you hold it and why? Because you write with much more precision and control. Our brand-new design with a pendulum-weighted head and exclusive P-WE™ graphite shaft will make you a better ball striker. You will enjoy the most solid feel of any putter you’ve owned, adding to your confidence on the green!

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